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Our Story

Sopranos Grill is the dream of owner and executive chef Carlos Gonçalves. Born in Portugal Chef Carlos enjoyed assisting his father in his restaurant where he gained knowledge of gourmet Mediterranean cuisine. Chef Carlos eventually assumed responsibility of his father’s restaurant in Portugal where he gained prestige by directing his first restaurant and this would be the beginning of an extraordinary career.


In 1990 he became the head chef of a five star restaurant obtaining the highest distinctions. He holds extensive international gastronomic experiences in several different regions of Europe, America, and South America. Chef Carlos went on to culinary school majoring in Mediterranean cuisine, and international European cuisine such as Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Czech, French, and Latin. He received culinary specialty diplomas and professional merit granting him international recognition. 

Today Chef Carlos owns and operates Sopranos Grill Italian Restaurant with his wife Juliana, and son Stefano. Together the entire family provides our guests with the tradition of Italian family dining, warm, friendly service and quality food.

Come and dine with us today.


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